Modern Construction Systems - Stadion miejski Poznań, EURO 2012


The stadium in


is being expanded to be able to hold major international events. The plan of major expansion was one of the factors that guaranteed


a place among the host cities of

EURO 2012

. The extension is being done in stages due to the game schedule of the


football team and the specific structure

The stands in the form of rectangular prisms with clearly marked blocks of stair and lift shafts, stressed with a row of arching pillars supporting the shafts. The body has added variety with indented entries to the playground, the voids of technical spaces and the moved back elements of the façade and the protruding arched terraces of viewer circulation.

The roof is supported on a steel structure with the supports made of steel pipe profiles All 18G2. The key structural elements are trusses with a triangular section, fixed to the reinforced concrete stand structure at three points with special supporting structures. The trusses are spaced every 9 m, equal to the main frames of the reinforced concrete structure. The roof is covered with a membrane.



ul. Bułgarska

Investor: Poznańskie Ośrodki Sportów i Rekreacji
DESIGN: 2002-2008
Completed: 2003-2012

Key data:
- cubage about 1 300 000m2
- surface area 250 000m2
- 45 594 seats